Blogging a Startup

Backstage at Easy Blog – Take a Break

The past two days have been really, really great. With a lot of help from Kyle we've finally been able to get the front page completed. We made it very obvious that we're still pre-release and soliciting early access users at this point. We also added a pricing page...

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Backstage at Easy Live Blog – 2.0 Already

Creating a SaaS landing page is hard. About a week ago, we put a very quick, simple page together with the full intent of launching with it. It wasn't good, but it was functional and we really, really wanted to launch. My friend Kyle (mentioned in the last article)...

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Backstage at Easy Live Blog – Looks Do Matter

I think most programmers would agree, we'd prefer to go into a closet and create the "perfect program" than put something incomplete out there for criticism. And I feel the same way about this marketing website, too. Luckily, I've got a friend who won't let that...

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