These days everything has become social. So almost any live event is a great opportunity for live blogging. We do a lot of live blogging on our website, Here’s what we’ve found makes a good live blog:

  1. If you start a live blog, finish it. It’s very easy to run out of gas and just let it die after a half hour or so. Don’t. Finish it. And don’t forget, long after the live event is over, the blog will serve as great coverage of it.
  2. Share beyond the blog. The gist of your good posts should be Tweeted out and shared in other ways. And link those shares back to the ongoing live blog.
  3. Include others in your blog. My favorite part of live blogging is finding out what other people think, usually via Twitter, and including them in the live blog via Twitter embed. In fact, on more several occasions we’ve live blogged events we’re not even at or privy (like a huge film premiere) by just embedding Tweets of those that are. These “social reaction” live blogs are very popular.
  4. Include background information. For example, if you’re live blogging the Oscars, include a link to Wikipedia or a snippet from it for the latest award winner.
  5. Keep it fun. Another Oscars example – if someone prominent wins a prestigious award, find an old picture of them doing some goofy role, put that in your blog and Tweet it out with a link back to your blog.
  6. Do it consistently. Make sure your audience knows you’re always there to cover the latest live event for them with their interests in mind.

With these things in mind, we created with the goal making all of this as fast and easy as possible.