Easy Live Blog was built out of necessity. I’m the co-owner of a content website called LaughingPlace.com where we cover all things Disney. And we love to live blog. A movie premiere? Live blog the red carpet. A new ride opens? Live blog the opening ceremony and the first rides. An awards show? Live blog it from a Disney perspective. Season premiere or finale of a TV show? Live blog that, too. Our audience loves it and our numbers show that. Unfortunately, due to the limitations of our live blogging platform, too often that live blogging would end up being live tweeting. And to paraphrase our tagline – Why give Twitter all our traffic?

Why give Twitter all our traffic?

The live blogging solution we used was free but not as flexible, reliable or as fast to use as we needed. There were others out there that were more powerful, but they cost more than we wanted to pay. They also lacked some of the “fast and easy to use” features we wanted. So I set out to create a system that would truly work for content creators like ourselves. When we say “Built on Experience,” we mean it!

We’ve been using a very early version of Easy Live Blog for a while now and it’s greatly improved our live blogging. Our most recent example is yesterday’s Reopening of some Disneyland Classics which we live blogged for several hours.

Built on Experience

In future a post I’ll go into more detail into how we managed this blog and how doing it in the release version of Easy Live Blog will be even better and less reliant on Twitter. But even with those caveats, this blog generated lots of live traffic for us. And once the event was over, we closed the blog, reversed it to display in chronological order, and now we’ve got a permanent post that will continue to generate page views for years to come.

Have any questions about Easy Live Blog or live blogging in general? We’re always here to help. You can use the comment form below or email us at info@EasyLiveBlog.com. Talk to you soon.