Creating a SaaS landing page is hard. About a week ago, we put a very quick, simple page together with the full intent of launching with it. It wasn’t good, but it was functional and we really, really wanted to launch. My friend Kyle (mentioned in the last article) helped clean up and spruce up that page a lot, and we were pretty much ready to launch with it.

But … it was obvious that Kyle thought the page really was seriously lacking, and he was right. And since you only get one chance to make a first impression, it was worth continuing to delay other matters and work on getting the landing page right, or at least more right.

You only get one chance to make a first impression.

You can probably tell this marketing website is built in WordPress. We use the world famous Divi theme which is unbelievably flexible, powerful and beautiful. After a little searching we found a feature layout pack and completely changed how we present the features of Easy Live Blog. In the process of doing that, we changed our tagline from “Easy, Fast and Automatic,” which is how we originally broke up our features, to “Take the Pain Out of Live Blogging.” We found a nice photo to use for the hero shot and made the feature list a lot more attractive and added more color. Still far from perfect, but far better than before. Certainly worthy of the 2.0 moniker.

Also had the chance today to make some code changes to make sure the demos run reliably. Ahhh coding,  that’s my happy place!