Easy Live Blog

Take the Pain Out of Live Blogging
And Stop Giving Twitter All Your Traffic!

Why Live Blog?

There are many reasons you should be live blogging:

  • Increased traffic
  • Increased revenue
  • Increased time-on-page (great for SEO!)
  • Increased social presence
  • Happier users

In fact, you’re probably already live blogging, you’re just doing it via Twitter. But why let Twitter get all the traffic from your hard work?

As the owners of a content site for over 15 years, we know live blogging on your website can be a pain. So we set out to create a reliable, affordable live blogging platform.

The Ultimate in Automation

  • Instead of live tweeting an event and letting Twitter get all the traffic, live blog it via email instead.
  • Every post can automatically tweet out along with a link back to your live blog.
  • All the benefits of live blogging and Twitter seamlessly rolled into one!

Why Easy Live Blog?

Fast and Easy

Set up a blog in seconds. Deploy it on your site with 5 lines of code or a WordPress Shortcode.


Any number of contributors can edit the live blog from their own computers. The Control Panel allows you to view the live blog while contributing to it and controlling every aspect of it.

Social Integration

Easily tweet any post with the click of a button. Automatically include a hash tag and/or a link back to your live blog in the tweet.

Twitter Monitoring

Our Stream Window allows you to view a continuing stream of Tweets based on flexible and customizable searches. Tweets from the stream can be posted to your blog with one click or included in a draft post for further editing.

Automatic Posting

Tweets from streams can be set to automatically post to your blog based on your criteria. They can either be embedded or the text and images can be extracted and posted natively to your live blog.

Post via Email

Posts sent via email can automatically send via Twitter as well. For example, you could have any tweet coming from you with the hash tag #Live automatically post to your live blog.

Easy Embeds

Post any link to have it automatically embedded. Links to webpages automatically include a preview of the page.

Easy Uploads

Drag and Drop any image into the editor for automatic upload, then resize it or let it automatically resize responsively.

Built From Experience

Useful features like Dual Editing Windows are included because we know from experience how valuable they are.


Ready to see Easy Live Blog in action? These demos show just how easy and automatic live blogging can be.

See an automatic live blog in action updating based on tweets containing a certain keyword.

Post to a Live Blog via Twitter. All tweets with a keyword will automatically be embedded in the live blog.

Post to a Live Blog via Twitter. All tweets with a keyword will have their text and images extracted and automatically post to the live blog.

Post to a Live Blog via Email. Messages sent to the specified email address are embedded including text formatting and images.

Early Access

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